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the ones that do call him the winter soldier.

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and in that time I was alone, so many years without my home, and in the time I didn’t know, just how hard the wind could blow, towards disaster, and the things that I would see.

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Fringe 104: The Arrival

I was incapable of saving you, or myself. We were dead, Peter, you and I. Until someone grabbed me. And we were going up. We were saved, both of us, by a man that I had never met. A man that shouldn’t have been there at all. He pulled us to the shore. I remembered that he was bald, that he had no eyebrows. And as he set us down in the snow, I recalled his stare, standing there in his suit soaking wet, seemingly indifferent to the cold. It was as if he knew my thoughts before I did. As if he were inside my head. Without speaking, he made it clear that he would need me one day.


I would not trust Thranduil, the great king, to honor his word, should the end of all days be upon us!

You don’t need a picture of me, you never will again.

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You put the knife right in my back
Killed any history we had

I can take care of myself and I’m gonna get a damn drink.

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